Brief CV

Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept of ECE, Curtin University
Qualifications: BSc (Math), BE(EE, Hons), PhD (Distinction), The University of Western Australia

Co-Recipient of 2010 Australian Museum Eureka Prize, dubbed the Oscars of Australian Science for
"Outstanding Science in Support of Defence or National Security"

Associate Editor: IEEE Signal Processing Letters
Technical Program Committee: IEEE FUSION, IEEE ISSNIP, IEEE SSP


Multi-Sensor Multi-Target Tracking
PHD and CPHD Filters
Multi-Bernoulli Filters
Conjugate Filters
Track Before Detect
Bayesian Estimation
Simulation Methods
Sensor Control/Scheduling
Distributed Estimation
Random Sets
Finite Set Statistics

Grants and Contracts

Australian Research Council

B.-T. Vo, "Efficient Algorithms for Multiple Object Filtering Using Stochastic Geometry," ARC Discovery Grant, Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2009-2011, (DP0989007), $250k
B.-N. Vo and B.-T. Vo, "Parameter estimation for multi-object system," ARC Discovery Grant, 2012-2014, (DP120102343), $105K.
B.-T. Vo, "From Bayesian Filtering to Smoothing and Prediction for Multiple Object Systems," ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, 2012-2014, (DP120102388), $375k

External Contracts

B.-N. Vo, and B.-T. Vo "A Random Finite Set Approach to Space Junk Tracking and Identification," AFOSR/AFRL contract, 2013-2014, $50k.
B.-N. Vo, and B.-T. Vo "Multi-Sensor Fusion for Fighter Jets," DSTO contract, 2011-2014, $195k.
B.-N. Vo, and B.-T. Vo, "Multi-Target Multi-Platform Track Fusion with Passive Sensors and Constrained Communication Channels," DSTO contract, 2011-2012, $95K.
B.-N. Vo, and B.-T. Vo "MHT-CPHD filters for the Space Fence," Lockheed Martin contract, 2008-2009, $130k.
B.-N. Vo, and B.-T. Vo "Multi-target tracking using random finite sets," Singapore DSO National Laboratories contract, 2008-2009, $132k.